La Familia Club House

LFDP Club House was founded  by consumers for consumers. It is a  place where they could be themselves without prejudice or judgement.  A safe haven where members could be understood, helped, and guided.  Members here are educated in understanding the disease process behind their illness. It is also a support system centered to aid in their struggles and fears.

LFDP opened its doors in 1988 and is the first of its kind in Texas.  Regarded as the mother of the current movement called “Clubhouse Coalition” and has ignited interest in many areas of the state.

Today La Familia Clubhouse focuses on promoting independence and better quality of life  to its members, supported by teachings and programs like:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Food preparation
  • Money Management
  • Appropriate social and cultural behavior
  • Independent living skills
  • Self confidence  
  • Disease Management and understanding

The Clubhouse  also offers;

  • Two meals for all members a day
  • Planned outings  
  • Job placement
  • Exercise program