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Horizon TX

The Horizon Clinic offers primary and mental health care to both adults and children. 

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Horizon Clinic 

The Horizon La Familia Clinic caters to both the mental and physical health of an adult, youth or child consumer. Offering,

 We accept Medicaid, private insurances and offer a self-pay program. 

For Medicaid recipients, after the initial appointment, a qualified mental health professional (rehabilitation worker) will reach out to review the assessment outcome. These services are provided at the individuals home or place of choice in the community. Counseling is also provided if needed.

Location: 201 Suite B, S, Darrington Rd, Horizon City, TX 79928


Hours of operation:

(Temporary Hours):
Appointment Only Monday, Friday, & Saturday

(Regular Hours)

Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm                  

Saturday - call for appointment

Sunday - closed 

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