Oldest Clubhouse in Texas

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Our Clinic Specializes in Treatment & Managemnt of:

Mental and health issues among individuals by facilitating their recovery and providing them with education, empowerment, and support to allow them to enjoy overall well-being and complete community integration.

Oldest in Texas

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3 meals a day

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Health Issues Training

Consumer Run Clubhouse


We have the oldest clubhouse in Texas, serving countless clients and individuals for years. The facility was established under the goal of assisting the recovery of individuals who are struggling with mental and other health issues via group support, peer support, individual assistance, and advocacy.

Members of the clubhouse can get the opportunity to receive a wide variety of help for their mental health needs while being in a supportive environment. They can enjoy a safe and supportive environment in which they can work at their own pace to achieve education, rewarding employment, fulfilling social life, decent housing, and overall well-being.

Clubhouse members are also encouraged to assume a role in the daily operations of the consumer-run clubhouse. They can get to take part in activities as much as they like along with the assistance of our staff who will work with them through a partnership model.

As they actively engage in the clubhouse’s social environment, they will be able to develop new skills, hone their existing ones, enhance their work habits, and even improve their overall self-esteem. They can also receive mental and health issues training to help them recover from their health and mental illness.

Through the clubhouse, members can take part in various cultural, social, and recreational activities within the community. They can also be able to share 3 meals a day, receive in-house literacy tutoring, take party in computer training and classes, and even get help when it comes to finding and applying for employment.

The clubhouse is supported by donations, and it’s through the help of our donors that we are able to keep this consumer-run facility up and running.