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Las Puertas Apartments

Las Puertas Apartments were designed with a mission of providing an independent and pet-friendly living for those living on a low or fixed income, particularly individuals who are suffering from disabilities, through the Section 811 program. It is the program’s goal to make it possible for individuals with mental health issues to live independent lives in a community. This is made possible by offering them affordable options and granting easy access to supportive services.

As a non-profit organization, we provide housing assistance to disabled persons with the firm belief that everyone should have access to affordable and accessible housing. We are committed to providing better lives for all residents, especially those who are living with disabilities or special needs. Apart from that, it is our goal to end homelessness in the El Paso area within the next few years. We also provide assistance for the elderly and hold monthly gatherings within the community to address common concerns amongst residents and hopefully come up with a plan to resolve them.

Why It Matters

There are plenty of barriers that people with disabilities normally face when it comes to housing. Without access to affordable and accessible housing, a lot of them end up facing homelessness or institutionalization. Throughout the US, there are around 4.8 million people with disabilities who depend on only around $9,156 every year from their Supplemental Security Income. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to even pay for a rental in the current housing market.

With accessible housing for handicapped individuals offering features like widened doorways and lowered kitchen counters, people who have mobility issues will find it a lot easier to live their lives. Unfortunately, even housing that offers basic accessibility features can be often unaffordable. This is where our service comes in.

By providing handicapped persons with access to affordable housing that comes with basic accessibility features (e.g. wheelchair-friendly entrances), they can finally live the life they deserve with as much independence as possible.