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Our Thrift Store is designed to carry out the mission of employing consumers and directing all of the proceeds to support the clubhouse. With this, the sales and proceeds earned from the store will benefit all of our clients, consumers, as well as their families.

Aside from that, we also gladly accept donations from willing donors to support the business. These donations may not just be in the form of money but also in other stuff including accessories, clothing, furniture, household items, home décor, and a whole lot more.

Due to having an environment that resembles that of a department store, our thrift store has become a local favorite that provides shoppers with a friendly shopping experience alongside high-quality merchandise.

As mentioned, all of the proceeds and donations in our thrift store are forwarded to support our clubhouse. It is currently operated by a small group of our staff alongside a number of employed consumers. With this, we can further provide more services to individuals who are struggling with their mental and health issues through the clubhouse and keep the facility running for the many years to come.

The thrift store is open to the public and accepts various donations including clothing and household items. If you are willing to make a donation, please make sure that your items are clean and are in good condition. Unfortunately, since we only have limited storage space, we can only accept small furniture items.

Please be assured that all of your donations will be used for the right purpose. No matter how small it may be, it can surely create an impact and bring help to those in need. For additional info, please contact us through our hotline.