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    Mental Health

    La Familia Del Paso is a non-profit mental health provider that specializes in targeting personalized needs. Our behavioral and mental health services are intended to serve El Paso's adult and children population (ages 5+). 

    counseling center
    Intensive Care Treatment
    Psycho-social Therapy
    signs of depression
    Adult Day Program
    depression symptoms
    Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities Program
    Clinical Services
    bipolar disorder
    Rehabilitative Services
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    Don't fight alone, La Familia Del Paso will support and guide you with your treatment and management of ...



    Schizophrenia disorder

    Bipolar disorder

    Substance use disorder

    Intellectual development disorder

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What insurance do you accept?

    We are currently accepting:
    Amerigroup, Molina, Superior, El Paso Health, El Paso First and MMP. We also accept self pay. 

    Can i receive counseling near me?

    Yes you may choose to receive counseling at either of our two counseling clinics. 

    1225 E.Cliff Dr. 79902 (Central El Paso)
    201 S. Darrington Rd. Horizon Tx 79928 

    If I am diagnosed, will I need to stay in a hospital?

    No, if you are diagnosed with a disorder we will provide you with outpatient services, and the support to remain outside of the hospital.

    Is there transportation to a therapist near me?

    Yes, if you do not have transportation no worries we can pick you up and drop you off.

    Can you help me with depression and anxiety?

    Yes our staff can diagnose a full range of disorders and can create a custom treatment plan tailored to you. 

    Will I be forced to take medications?

    Education is provided on the importance of medication adherence. 

    What kind of staff is available for me?

    Our staff consists of a well rounded multidisciplinary professionals.f a well rounded multidisciplinary professionals.


    Qualified mental health professionals (QMHP)

    Nursing Staff

    Nurse practitioners


    Social workers

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